Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Copy Sales Quote in AX 2009

The default functionality of Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 does not allow to copy a quote when a quote's status is either Lost, Sent, Confirmed, or Canceled.

Today I was asked to allow the users to copy a quote when its status is Sent or Lost. 

To copy a quote go to Sales Quotation Details, choose a record and then go to the header level buttons and click Function > CopyFromAll

The following are the steps to accomplish this very quick:

1- Go to the SalesQuotationTable Form > Designs > Design GroupTable> ButtonGroup:ButtonHeader> MenuButton:ButtonHeaderFunction>method>clicked:

You will see the following code:

void  clicked()
    // Set price simulation buttons




2- Go to the definition of enableFunctionButtons method (right click > Go To Definition. 

Look for the following line of code:

enableCopyAllHeaderButton           = salesQuotationTableType.mayQuotationBeCopied();

3- Go to the definition of the salesQuotationTableType.mayQuotationBeCopied() method, and then make the following changes:

ok = (//salesQuotationTable.QuotationStatus   != SalesQuotationStatus::Sent &&
            salesQuotationTable.QuotationStatus != SalesQuotationStatus::Confirmed &&
            //salesQuotationTable.QuotationStatus != SalesQuotationStatus::Lost &&
            salesQuotationTable.QuotationStatus != SalesQuotationStatus::Cancelled);

Comment the lines in green.

Enjoy DAX!!!

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