Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Create Alerts in AX using X++

   Lets have the below code for Creating Alerts Programmatically using X++.

static void SendAlert(Args _s)
EventInbox inbox;
inbox.ShowPopup = NoYes::Yes;
inbox.Subject = "This is the Alert subject";
inbox.Message = "This is the Alert message";
inbox.AlertedFor = "This alert is just information no links are available";
inbox.SendEmail = false;
inbox.UserId = curuserid();
inbox.TypeId = classnum(EventType);

inbox.AlertTableId = tablenum(Address);
inbox.AlertFieldId = fieldnum(Address, Name);
inbox.TypeTrigger = EventTypeTrigger::FieldChanged;
inbox.CompanyId = curext();
inbox.InboxId = EventInbox::nextEventId();
inbox.AlertCreatedDateTime = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDateTime();


By Default in AX, We have Change Based Alerts & Due Date Alerts but via code we can create custom alerts for RecodeInsert & RecordDelete as well.

See, EventTypeTrigger Base Enum for more details.

Enjoy DAX !!!

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