Monday, April 25, 2011

Data Tracking in AX 2009

How to track records and restore data if by mistaken delete in AX 2009
  • Open Dynamics AX
  •   Go to Administration Module -> Setup -> Database Log
  • Create New-> Next -> Select All Company Accounts -> Next -> Choose Tables to Track
  • Select the Type of Events you want to Track -> Next -> Close
  • Go to Administration -> Setup -> Life Science Electronic Signature Audit Trail
  • Create New audit trailà Select the Table which you want in Audit trailà Save and close the form.
  • Enter the data in the module as per the setting did in the administration module
For Cross Check
  •       Click Administration ModuleàInquiries à Database Logà Here user can See the changes, or Reinsert the data which is by mistaken deleted.  

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