Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Virtual Hallway

The greatest challenge that leaders face in the new hybrid work reality is the loss of meaningful in-person connection. Can Microsoft Teams provide the digital equivalent of the “hallway” conversation? According to the Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Index, “Unscheduled, ad hoc calls have risen 8% in the past two years and now make up 64% of all Teams meetings. And meetings under 15 minutes now make up a majority of all meetings (60%) and are increasing more than any other meeting length.” Microsoft Teams allows every employee to feel connected regardless of where they call work. Learn more


Tuesday, August 30, 2022

4 reasons small businesses should innovate with Power Apps

This infographic demonstrates how Microsoft Power Apps can help businesses empower their workforce, save money building apps, simplify the development process, and scale quickly without compromising quality or security. Learn more:


Kent State - Connecting Beyond the Boundaries of the Classroom

The highly interactive technologies embedded in Microsoft Teams make virtual connections more natural, engaging, and ultimately, more human. By providing one central location where brainstorming, meeting, calling, and instruction happens, work can be streamlined allowing more time for connection and innovation. Learn how Kent State University is using Microsoft Teams to help students and faculty feel more connected and included.


Thursday, August 25, 2022

How Low-Code Platforms Let Developers Drive Business Innovation

Watch this webinar to learn how low-code platforms like Microsoft Power Apps empower all developers to unleash innovation and drive growth. Discover how to engage and leverage your team in a pro developer scarcity climate. Microsoft and Forrester Research speakers lead the discussion. Sign up here.


It’s Time for Teams

Flexibility will define the future workplace. Hybrid teams working both remotely and in-office is now the norm. For several businesses the approach to remote and hybrid work has been reactionary, leaving many employees feeling isolated and dismissed and many business leaders fearing the loss of their unique corporate culture. It is more important than ever to proactively address the challenges that can accompany hybrid teams. Let us show you how the technologies behind Microsoft Teams are specifically designed for the hybrid world to enable your team to collaborate seamlessly, stay connected, and simplify processes in a secure and compliant way. All in one place.



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