Monday, November 5, 2012

AX 2012 : Data Migration Framework(DMF)

The Data Migration Framework for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is an extension that helps you migrate data into Microsoft Dynamics AX. Examples of the data that you can migrate include master data, open stock, and balances.

The Data Migration Framework is available from the InformationSource services download page.

The Beta 2 version of the Data Migration Framework includes support for the following new features:
  • ODBC connections as a data source.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX databases as a data source. You can now export and import Microsoft Dynamics AX, and copy company information by using Data Migration Framework entities.
  • Direct table and composite entity types.  
    • direct table entity enables you to migrate data from a source to a target Microsoft Dynamics AX table directly, without going through a staging table or applying any business logic.Unlike other entities, data cannot be pushed from one source table to multiple target tables. The direct table entity must be a one to one mapping from source to target.
    • composite entity groups multiple related entities together. An example of a composite entity is a Sales Order and Sales Line entities combined together.
      Parallel execution of threads to move data from staging to target tables.
  • Using the Data Migration Framework as a service. The framework can now be executed by external applications.
  • Error-handling enhancements. The Data Migration Framework provides more detailed logs, and can skip rows that contain errors.
  • Number sequence support.
  • Remote installations of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. It is no longer necessary to install Integration Services on the same computer as the Application Object Server (AOS).

Data Migration Framework User Guide : Click here for Source

Data Migration Framework Installation : Click here for Step by Step

Data Migration Framework Demo Files : Click here for Files

Enjoy DAX!!!


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