Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Convert/Upgrade MorphX Report to SSRS in Dynamics AX

One of the major change in Dynamics AX 2012 is related to reporting services. Though we were able to develop some SSRS reports in AX 2009 as well with limitted framework functionality. However, in AX 2012 SSRS reporting framework is much more enhanced. Currently, you can import your AX traditional reports of MorphX in 2012 with no change. However, you cannot develop new MorphX reports in 2012. So this is the right time to move all your MorphX reports to SSRS as in future releases of AX MorphX framework will be completey removed.

In order to migrate AX reports to SSRS report following are some important points
        1.       Create a new query and make exactly the same query used in X++ report.
        2.       Move all your business logic to RDP (Report data provider) class.
        3.       AutoDesign reports of X++ will be replaced by AutoDesign in SSRS reports.
        4.       Generated Design on X++ report will be replaced by PrecisionDesign in SSRS reports.

         Please have a look on the guidance to upgrade report here.

           Enjoy DAX !!!


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