Monday, September 19, 2011

Dynamics AX Technical Consultant Interview Questions Series 1

I am going to share some frequent interview questions that generally asked for Dynamics AX Technical consultant position:
  1. How can we create primary key for a table?
  2. what precautions you need for overriding fetch() method for a report?
  3. Difference between OCC and PCC?
  4. How many types of MAP there in Dynamics AX? 
  5. What is cache lookup what is it used for?
  6. Difference between table and views?
  7. why we use dialog? and how to accomplished it?
  8. what are the different type of index?
  9. Difference b/w cascade + restricted and restricted delete actions?
  10. In which case delete_from and delete() have same result?
  11. Explain sales/purchase order processes in AX.
I will share more questions in my next post.

Enjoy DAX !!!


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  2. Thanks Cannavaro, I'll definitely keep on posting such things.


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