Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Goodyear Rides on Microsoft Teams to Keep Plants Running

Goodyear is more driven than ever to keep people moving. When travel restrictions said “no,” Goodyear – with the use of Microsoft Teams – was able to say “go, go, go!” In 2020, the company’s 2500 engineers could no longer travel to factories for equipment installation or troubleshooting. So, Goodyear turned to Microsoft Teams running on RealWear assisted-reality wearable computers to bring the engineering experts into the plants virtually. Not only did this reduce their dependency on travel and its associated costs, but the company was able to deliver solutions faster.


Cloud PC Preps Accounting Firm Grant Thornton for Hybrid Future

While COVID-19 forced massive change – and many hiccups – for companies throughout the world, the 2020 tax season went off without a hitch for UK-based accounting and tax firm Grant Thornton. That’s in large part due to its early bet on SaaS, Microsoft Azure, and software-defined networking. But Grant Thornton didn’t stop there. The accounting leader looked to push its desktop needs further into the cloud and accelerate a digital transformation to free up even more resources. Windows 365 was the answer, and it’s been a game changer. Read more.