Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams

By providing an integrated collaboration solution, and safeguarding information all in a compliant environment, Microsoft Teams support your business goals towards global growth across multiple locations and time zones. During a financial analysis study measuring the economic impact of Microsoft Teams, findings indicated that that organizations experienced a $30.3 Million return on investment over three years, resulting in an 832% ROI. The array of collaboration tools makes it an essential tool in business today. Learn more.


Government IT Department Strengthens Connection with Remote Communities, Secures Hybrid Workplace

Located in the northernmost region of Canada, Nunavut covers one-fifth of the country and stretches across three time zones. For the Government of Nunavut, internet connectivity is a lifeline to provide healthcare, education, housing and family, and financial and other services to their communities. They were looking for a secure and simple solution, with a familiar UI, that fit easily into their current processes and support structure. The solution? Windows 365. Read why Windows in the cloud was the right choice, and how the people of Nunavut are using it to improve their lives.