Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Forbes: Employees want flexibility and an inclusive culture

As organizations around the world make the definitive shift from remote to hybrid work, one thing is clear, employees want autonomy of when and where work gets done, and they are willing to go to great lengths to obtain it. With features like AI-powered active speaker tracking, multiple video streams, and people recognition, Microsoft Teams aids businesses in replicating in-office culture and connection, even for the most remote of workers. Offering employees, the structure and flexibility to work securely from anywhere.


Windows for business

Windows just keeps getting better for business, with new experiences designed for hybrid work and ready for you today. As workplaces and world events continue to evolve, so do the needs of your employees and business. That’s why Windows 11 is designed to be the most flexible, secure, and productive solution for hybrid work. You can continue to count on Windows to move your business forward with cloud-powered technology and services that adapt and evolve to meet today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s. Watch this video to learn more.