Monday, September 5, 2022

Samit Saini’s Power Apps journey at Heathrow

This video captures the journey of Samit Saini, a security officer at London Heathrow Airport and who discovered Microsoft Power Apps. As a novice, he easily created useful, time-saving applications. Now, as a member of the IT team, he teaches others to do the same. See how Samit and Power Apps led digital transformation.


Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work, Work

The way in which employees approach work has forever been changed. According to The 2022 Work Trend Index, the modern worker values flexibility, personal well-being, and a healthy work-life balance. Modern talent also wants to know their job has meaning and purpose, as indicated by a dramatic shift in their “worth-it” equation. Organizations that embrace hybrid work and invest in the technologies specifically designed for this environment will be able invest in talent development programs that foster a culture of growth and sense of purpose. New innovations like Microsoft Teams are specifically designed to offer employees choice and desired flexibility. We can help. Learn more.


Microsoft’s Work Trend Index

From when to go to the office to why work in the first place, employees have a new “worth it” equation. And there’s no going back. The pandemic brought many changes to the way we do business. Some things will return to "normal" but others never will. This report uncovers the latest trends about the future of work. #HybridWork or #RemoteWork? This is courtesy of Pratt Computing Technologies, Inc., a Certified Microsoft Partner that helps businesses #SMB and #Nonprofit maximize their use of #Microsoft365BusinessPremium. #MicrosoftTeams