Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to Create New Role Center in AX 2009

Create new role center in Dynamics Ax 2009

Compiled from Dynamics Ax Developer help for quick reference.
  1. Open Dynamics Ax enterprise portal (default installation is http://servername/sites/DynamcisAx).
  2. Click on Site Action > Create . Choose Web part page (as most Ax role center using this). Complete the page creation.
  3. Open Ax client > AOT > Web > Web menu item > URLs > New URL.
  4. Specify URL Properties by clicking on the elipsis button. Browse Enterprise portal folder and choose the .aspx page created in the step 2.
    If got error go to here.
  5. Set home page property to YES. (If not the page will not be available to be chosen as user profile role center page).
  6. Right click > Import. This will import the page to AOT under web > web files > page definitions.
  7. Locate the new page definition on step 6. Set the page title properties.
  8. Go to Admin > Setup > User profile. Create a new record. Choose the role center column from drop down.
  9. Click view role center button to test.
Enjoy DAX!!!